September 15, 2018

10 Money Saving Tips for College Students

Joining as a freshman in college can tend to be overwhelming sometimes. You have to hustle between classes, assignments, social life and education. Adding to all those are the weight of the tuition cost, housing costs and other expense that is bound to lighten your wallet and bank account. Here are specific handy tips for students at University that can help them tackle this issue of unnecessary spending while not setting aside any for savings.

Borrow, don’t buy

Instead of whiling away the limited money you have on Netflix to watch movies and your favorite series or read your favorite books online. Take advantage and maximize the utility of movie catalogs and magazines available in the college.

Stay for refills

Use your time wisely, knowledge and financial wise. Instead of getting top dollar coffees to go, stay and socialize or work as there are specific spots that do provide refills on drinks, having you drink coffee for free while saving cash.

Pack a snack

For those hectic days where you may have to sit long hours in college, pack your meals and drinks rather than paying for a higher-priced version of them available in the college.

Eat together with friends

Have coordinated meal plans on certain days with your friends where you can pitch in together small amounts of cash to get large amounts of food.

Use coupons

Availing coupons in hand does help save money as they contain certain large amounts of cash or discount available on purchases that end up spending little or no money at all. Always remember to use coupons when in hand.

Work and save

Seek jobs that provide pay accompanied by benefits. Ideal part-time jobs are those that offer reasonable compensation with perks like free food to employees, ending you up with more money and cut down on unnecessary expenses.

Find the free

Be aware of college events that offer free food and drinks as well as restaurants and other eateries that offer student discounts on meals.


Reuse and recycle

Sell off your old clothes and anything you don’t wear for making an easy buck. You can do this by being active in online communities that sell and buy clothes, furniture, book, and other items.

Shop at a dollar store

You can save a lot by shopping in dollar stores. You can seek and purchase cleansers, supplies, and medicines for a fraction of their price.

Stick to your budget

Make time to calculate your income and expenses weekly or monthly and then set a sensible budget plan that is comfortable for you and helps you stick to it.





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